What does an oxygen concentrator do? An oxygen concentrator works by filtering and concentrating oxygen molecules from the ambient air to provide patients with 90% to 95% pure oxygen. The compressor of the oxygen concentrator sucks ambient air and adjusts the pressure at which it is provided.

1. Power Supply:

AC 120∨±10%

AC 220V±10%

AC 230∨±10%

50Hz/ 60Hz

2.input Power:150VA

3. Oxygen Concentration:70%~90%

4. Flow Range:1~3L/min




8. Safety system:

Current overload or loose connection, automatic shutdown;

Compressor with abnormally high temperature, automatic shutdown;

9. Electric classification: Class Il

10. Work system: work continuously.


Temperature range:10℃~40℃(50°F~104°F); Relative humidity: 30%~75%;

Atmosphere pressure:860hPa~1060hPa(12.47psi~15.37psi);

NOTE: When storage temperature is below 5℃, please keep the equipment in normal working condition for at least 4 hours before use.

12.Transportation and storage conditions:

Temperature range:-20℃~+60℃(-68°F~+140°F),

Relative humidity:10%~93‰,no condensation,

Atmosphere pressure:700hPa~1060hPa(10.15psi~15.37psi).

NOTE: Oxygen concentrator should be stored without intense sunlight,

No corrosive gas and in a well-ventilated room, avoid jolt and inverted recumbent transport.


Since 1998

Over 1.1 million units of production

Stable Oxygen Concentration

High oxygen concentration and stable oxygen flow rate

Ultra Silent

Noises 40 dB(A). The unique denoise technique will bring you a more comfortable ambient for inhaling oxygen

Intelligent Surveillance

Real-time intelligent monitoring system to know the status of machine at any time.


Better efficiency to produce oxygen and the imported highly efficient molecular sieve is adopted the unique technique and long-life operation time

High Reverse Display LCD Screen

Better display of oxygen concentration, flow rate, cumulative time

Infrared Remote Control System

More convenient for inhaling oxygen


The anion generator can increase the air purity level, given

freshness experiences as in nature

Alarm for cleaning the filter

The alarm function can ensure the user clean the filter

regularly for good maintenance to the machine


Safety plastic shell.

With infrared remote control system, can be operated conveniently.

With time collect function: Display the operation time in LCD.

With timing power-off function.

Anion generating function can improve the alveolar ventilation

function and increase the oxygen absorption rate.

The compressor with a thermal protector guarantees better security.

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