Stable Oxygen Concentration

High oxygen concentration and stable oxygen flow rate

Oxygen concentrator

Ultra Silent

Noise s 40 dB(A). The unique denoise technique will bring you a more comfortable ambient for inhaling oxygen

Oxygen bar

Intelligent Surveillance

Real-time intelligent monitoring system to know the status of machine at any time.

portable Oxygen concentrator


Better efficiency to produce oxygen and the imported highly efficient molecular sieve is adopted the unique technique and long-life operation time

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High Reverse Display LCD Screen

Better display of oxygen concentration, flow rate, cumulative Time 

philips oxygen concentrator

Infrared Remote Control System

More convenient for inhaling oxygen

non prescription oxygen concentrator


The anion generator can increase the air purity level, given freshness experiences as in nature

best oxygen concentrator

Alarm for cleaning the filter

The alarm function can ensure the user clean the filter regularly for good maintenance of the machine

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