"High-efficiency & Low loss pump system - Newly designed pump, portable, compact, and ultra-quiet.
Convenient hook - Convenient for the product to fix on various beds.
Manually adjustable pressure - Supply the most comfortable pressure for patients of different weights.
Every pipe can be removed and replaced easily.
Mattress mostly makes use of a pump to automatic filling and releasing system to anti decubitus/bedsore.

This therapy system is designed for those with superficial established pressure sore or with existing tissue damaged or assessed to be a low risk or be at medium risk, even at a very high risk of pressure sore development. It can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement. It has been proven clinically beneficial and suitable for all healthcare environments.
Application: This product is designed for preventing decubitus.
Type: Strip style 22 tubes
Strip style 22 tubes Anti-decubitus mattress is inflated in turns by the air pump.
It is effective to prevent decubitus by changing the contact surface of the body.
The strip-style mattress takes away the water on the surface of the patient's body by jetting air. So as to keep skin dry. The product also disperses the pressure of the patient to prevent decubitus. It's specially designed for reducing the patient's suffering and pain and reducing the work of the nursing staff. The decubitus can be effectively prevented with the appropriate use of the mattress.

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