Walking aid belt assistant belt Transfer Belt with Handles  

EASY MOVE AND TRANSFER: Safely and effectively assist patients or loved ones. Handles allow the caregiver to assist at any angle for physical therapy, ambulation, or transfers, reducing the possibility of caregiver injury. Prevent falls and other humiliating situations in a safe manner, and stop uncomfortable gripping a loved one by the arm or seat of the pants.
COMFORTABLE PADDED: Caregivers can aid from every side or angle because of the four vertical and two horizontal handles. Each handle is padded to provide a firm but comfortable grip.


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Transfer Belt is made of nylon and sandwich mesh fabric with built-in pearl cotton, making it more breathable and pleasant to wear. a variety of uses and applications that protect the patient's skin from getting worn when the patient is moving Product Dimensions: The Transfer Gait is 47"L x 7"W. The inner non-slip surface keeps the sling from riding up during the transfer. The caregiver has a range of leverage settings because of the two handgrips on either side. Nurses can alter patients' postures using the handles.
Built-in nylon fabric is used on the transfer board. The reinforcement strengthens the conveyor belt, prevents it from breaking, and allows it to be used more safely.


Transfer Belt with Handles - Medical Nursing Safety Gait Patient Assist - Bariatric, Pediatric, Elderly, Handicap, Occupational & Physical Therapy


Bed Ladder Assist - Pull Up Assist Device with Handle Strap - Rope Ladder Caddie Helper - Sitting, Sit Up Hoist for Elderly, Senior, Injury Recovery Patient, Pregnant, Handicap - Padded Hand Grip

EASILY SIT UP IN BED: The bed ladder enables people with spinal injuries, lower extremity paralysis, and limited range of motion to gradually ascend to a sitting position. The sturdy bed ladder, composed of a robust webbing that can support up to 300 pounds, makes sitting up in bed simpler for anyone recovering from surgery, pregnant, or suffering from back problems. TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: It effortlessly attaches to any bed frame due to the strengthening composite buckle. The ladder is easy to disassemble and transport, making it ideal for both travel and at home.
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH LADDER DESIGN: The length of the bed ladder straps may be modified to offer a perfect fit for any bed. To quickly adapt the ladder length to help any individual, adjust the strap so that the first ladder handle reaches the user's waist when lying down.
SOFT NONSLIP HANDLES: The three-bed hoist handles are soft EVA foam wrapped and provide a secure, nonslip grip for better comfort. 

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