NO MESS: A grooved design and adjustable channeling flaps ensure all water and hair run smoothly down into the sink or washbasin. It's simple to wash hair while lying down, which is ideal for the elderly or disabled.
Good NECK SUPPORT: The Mobile Salon shampoo basin is the most comfortable on the market. For every user sitting, laying down, or in a wheelchair, adjust the comfort cushion shape to the preferred neck position.
PORTABLE SHAMPOO BOWL: Mobile Salon inflates and washes clean in seconds, making it simple to use every time. For convenient mobility, store in your beauty bag or travel kit.
Sleek, comfortable, easy to use, and even easier to clean and store away for future use
Portable Inflatable Rinse Basin

The design's inspiration

It's tough to wash hair while your wife is pregnant because of the difficulty. So we set out to make a device for your lover that would allow me to wash my hair while seated, and We discovered that it might also be used by babies and elderly parents, with the aim of making life easier for those who are in need.

New design of inflatable washbasin

Fold up to the size of an Apple phone
It can be hung on the wall when used frequently, and it can be deflated and folded into a mobile phone for easy carrying, and it takes up almost no space.

The product is individually packaged. Package size: 20*10.5*14CM. The box contains: shampoo basin, inflatable tube, water pipe, PVC repair patch

Tips for inflatable shampoo
1. Inflation problem:
The product can be inflated to 70% to 80%, leaving a certain amount of contraction space for inflation
It is advisable to use it without obvious depression after inflating, do not over-inflate
(Especially in summer): If the product is over-inflated, the inside of the product will crack
Or serious problems such as bulging and bursting.
2 . Odor problems:
All products are made of high-quality and superior raw materials. New products have just been received, and the meeting will begin
It smells a little bit, inflate and place it in a ventilated place, the smell will slowly grow after two or three days
Fade away.
3. Maintenance issues:
Do not machine wash, avoid contact with sharp objects during use; use in winter,
Pay attention to use after warm water or indoor softening; avoid excessive use during use
Inflate, so as not to affect the service life, cause burst or bulge.
4 . Leak repair:
In the process of use, if pierced by a hard object, you can use the patch to enter
Line repair. Exhaust the air in the product before use, wipe the damaged area clean,
Cut the patch to a suitable size slightly larger than the damage, tear off the patch,
When pasting, pay attention to squeezing out the bubbles of the repair sheet to make the repair surface flat.
Wait for 20 minutes after pasting to use.

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