Material: 304 stainless steel + ABS

Seat height: 19.69~27.56 inches

Total height: 35.04~42.91 inches

Product size: 28.74*23.03*33.46 inches

Net weight: 71.65 pounds

Package Weight: 78.26 pounds

(1)Double hydraulic lifting: hydraulic lifting, easy to step on, 400KG large load-bearing. Step on the pedal with your toes to go up, and step on the pedal to the bottom to go down. The 20CM lifting adjustment range meets the height requirements of beds, sofas, etc., and is more convenient to use.

(2)Multi-function machine: unplug the handle, replace the dining table board, align the holes, place them down equally, change the dining table in seconds, read books, eat and entertain.

(3)Multi-scene application: Resolve the difference of height in different scenes, thoroughly solve the difficult problem of shifting from wheelchair to sofa, bed, commode chair, seat, etc., making life more convenient.

(4)304 stainless steel: The whole frame is made of thick 304 stainless steel, and the thickened tube wall is 1.8mm, which effectively prevents rust, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance, and makes the lift more stable and durable.

(5)Universal Silent Wheel: Wear-resistant and compressive, silent and undisturbed. The front-wheel foot brake locks the wheelchair, which is stable and safe. Universal rear wheels, convenient to move, flexible steering, and easy to control.

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