Product specifications: 750*475*930mm

1. The whole vehicle is mainly composed of ABS engineering plastics, plastic steel, stainless steel, and plastic steel four-post load-bearing.

2. Adopt ABS integrated injection molding countertop, integrated countertop, guardrail, and handrail, so that items are not easy to slip off and easy to push and pull. The table is equipped with transparent soft glass to protect the table from scratches.

3. The front of the cart: with a foldable central control lock and 2 drawers. Among them, the first layer is a small drawer, the drawer surface height is 80mm, and the inner space: 430*335*68mm; the second layer is a middle drawer, the drawer surface height is 120mm, and the inner space: 430*335*110mm. Each drawer is equipped with 3*3 dividers, which can be freely matched. The drawer handle is red dovetail, and the handle is thickened in the inner layer, and the mold feels more reliable. Each drawer panel is equipped with an anti-theft sealing slot identification plate to prevent liquid and dust from entering. The double door design under the drawer can hold small instruments.

4. The left side of the cart: equipped with a defibrillation platform, a concealed auxiliary workbench, and a removable large data box.

5. The right side of the cart: equipped with a retractable stainless steel infusion stand, a 2L round bucket sharps box, and 2 ABS dirt buckets.

6. The back of the cart: equipped with a movable plug-in board, which is convenient to replace the power supply, defibrillation board, and hidden retractable oxygen cylinder bracket of different countries without taking up space.

7. The bottom of the cart: equipped with four luxurious universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function; the casters are made of high-strength polyurethane, light, and flexible to move.

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