• The use of oil-free lubrication pump
  • The equipment does not produce a positive pressure
  • Negative pressure regulator system can be stepless according to the need for voltage regulator.
  • Power supply: AC110V (not battery powered)
  • ★★ Includes English user manual.Refund:100% refund if item quality defective.


  • Style:Type A

    Product parameters:
    1.Power:110V 60Hz
    2.The input power:90VA
    3.The limit negative pressure:≥ 0.06MPa
    4.Negative pressure adjustment range:0.02MPa to the limit negative pressure
    5. Pumping rate:≥ 15L / min
    6.Fuse tube:F1.5AL130V,φ5 × 20
    7.Storage bottle:1000mL,one
    8.Noise:≤ 65dB (A) 9.Weight:5kg 10. Dimensions:370 × 180 × 285 (mm)

    2.100% refund if product quality is defective.

    catheter 2 pc(Adults and children)
    conductor 1 pc
    Storage bottle 1 pc(1000mL)
    Fuse tube 2 pc
    Air filter 2 pc
    English User's manual 1 pc

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