Multi-functions ​in one machine can be a PATIENT LIFT, WHEELCHAIR, BEDSIDE COMMODE, or BATHROOM CHAIR. Hydraulic Patient Lift Wheelchair may be readily transferred from one location to another, such as a sofa, bed, toilet, or seat. Improve the quality of life by making travel, toileting, bathing, and other activities easier.

    1. This type of shifter is a hydraulic pump that must maintain balance. When mounting or dismounting, the operator must first determine if the user has reached the center of the seat.

    Be sure to step on the center of the lift pedal when operating to ensure the center and allow the hydraulic pump to reach a steady height when lifting.

    (Note: When lifting the shift lever, brake the front and rear wheels first to hold the shift lever. Immovable status is easier to operate when lifting and lowering).

    1-1 Shift lever lift mode: the operator depresses the pedal two-thirds deep to lift.

    1-2 Shift lever down mode: the operator pushes the pedal through to the bottom of the shift lever. Release the foot at the appropriate height.

    1. 2 Using the shift buckle on the seatback:

    2-1 Method of opening the seat: pull the black knob outward and out.

    After turning the slot 45 degrees, hold the button in the open position, then it can be folded back.

    The red button on the seatback safety opening can be pressed to open the seat to the left and right.

    2-2 Seat closing method: Close the seat inward and fasten the seat positioning pins.

    pull the black knob, turn it into the card slot, and attach the buckle to the back panel, align and insert. (Make sure the black knob is in position when moving the user)

    1. Height adjustment of the hand push bar

    The hand push bar has three height adjustments and can be set to the height that suits the user.

    Method: press the red button to raise the point, pull the push handle up or move it down

    Release the button to the hole in the push handle.

    1. Attaching the tabletop: To use the tabletop, pull out the handle and twist the legs into the table, table legs should be aligned with round holes on both sides to the same degree.
    1. Use of the brake:

    Brake mode of the front and rear wheels: step ON the long ON plate for the braking condition, step ON the short OFF plate for the brake released state.

    Daily Use

    1. Have the user sit upright, adjust the height of the displaced seat frame so that the bottom of the seat frame is slightly higher than the seat level.

    2. Open the seat frame on both sides and slide it in front of the user, adjust the position of the shifter. Place the user's center of gravity in the middle of the seat frame and readjust the seat frame height so that the bottom of the frame slightly touches the seat plane.

    1. lock the 5-inch front brake, lift the user's foot and place it on the foot pedal.
    2. Have the user tilt alternately left and right while the operator rotates the seat frame so that the user alternates between the left and right seat frames in the shifter.
    3. when the user is fully seated on the seat frame, fully close the left and right seat frames. Full lock to ensure that the lock is in place, the operator locks the seat belt.
    4. The operator should adopt a comfortable sitting position and hold on to the handrails on both sides with both hands.
    5. The operator checks the height between the bottom of the displaced seat frame and the seat, raises 2 to 3 inches, releases the 5-inch front brake, and slowly moves the displaced cart away from

    the seat.

    1. The operator pushes the shifter from behind to move it to the edge of the bed.
    2. Check the height of the shifter frame at the edge of the bed to ensure that the bottom of the seat frame is slightly higher on the

    bed surface (if the height of the seat frame needs to be adjusted, the front wheel of 5 inches must be locked before operation).

    1. The operator pushes the shifter completely into the specified position of the hospital bed and locks the 5 inches wheel brake, readjust the height of the seat frame so that the bottom of the seat frame lightly touches the bed Surface.

    11. Open the seat belt and safety latch on the back of the adjusted cart one by one, slowly open the left and right seat frames so that the user's buttocks are on the bed.

    1. The operator unlocks the 5-inch front wheel, lifts the user's foot, and moves the shifter out of the bed.

    The length of the female seat belt should be adjusted to the correct position before use.



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