• SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Yuwell infrared thermometer has mature technology and humanized design. You can take the temperature with one hand easily, you don’t need to stick it in your ear or even touch the skin, makes it hygienical and safer for all age use

  • REAL-TIME RANGING: yuwell thermometer for adults forehead real-time ranging function ensures you only get the forehead temperature within 0-2 inches, keeps every measurement consistent and dependable

  • VIBRATION REMINDER: After the measurement, the forehead thermometer will vibrate and make a "di" sound alarm with large readings display on the backlit screen. You can switch to mute mode if you want to take a temperature in the night. The thermometer will vibrate only and make no sound

  • EASY TO USE: One-button control makes yuwell digital thermometer very easy to use, records temperatures in one second. And with one push of the button, the non touch thermometer is ready to go again

  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 Thermometer gun, 1 carrying case, 2 AAA Alkaline batteries, 1 User Manual and 7 x 24 hours customer service

    Infrared Thermometer
  • The Clinical Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Baby Kids

    Upgraded High Accuracy with 3 Sensors

    1. Infrared temperature sensor collects one hundred data per second with a resolution of 0.1℉ (0.1℃)
    2. Distance detection sensor guide users to place the device within required distance and prevent misoperation
    3. Environmental temperature sensor will adjust measurement together with yuwell exclusive algorithm to give you accurate readings


    • How to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
    • Step1: While thermometer is power off , hold the "START" button for 10 seconds until display flashes
    • Step2: Then you'll see a little ℃ or ℉ at the bottom. Short press "START" button to select "℃" or "℉"
    • Step3: Hold "START" button for final confirmation, or just wait until display turns off, to complete the proces Forehead Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
    • Step 1

      Press the button “START” to take temperature

      Step 2

      Point the device in the middle of the forehead, in between the eyebrows, and place it 0-5CM away from the forehead (do not touch the forehead)

      Step 3

      It will vibrate and beep when finished and results will show on LED display

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